Menu missing from playback

Hello all.

I’ve got the latest version of AnyDVD (Version installed on my computer. It has an Intel Quad core 6600 CPU, 4 Gigs of RAM and over 3 terabytes of hard disc space. The operating system is Windows 7 RC.

I’ve installed AnyDVD without issues. It backed up Casino Royal perfectly. When I attempt to back up Bangkok Dangerous, everything seems to be in order, but, the one Chapter where you can select, “language, special features and play movie” only has the video that runs in the background of that chapter.

When you play the actual disk, those selections appear normally (chapter 8). In the files stored on my hard drive, they are not numbered by chapter. Anyway, when the movie begins to play from the hard drive, it is in French.

I’ve tried changing various defaults in various menus to play English only. But the movie continues to play in French. I’ve used Windows Media Player, Power DVD and VLC Media Player. None will allow the menu choices I need to play the movie in English. Any Ideas as to what I need to change?

How are you backing it up? And does this problem manifest itself when AnyDVD is active on the original disc? Two very important questions in order to help you figure it out.

As soon as the Blue Ray DVD is inserted, the software reads the disk and I assume that is when the copy protection is “removed”. There are two ways I can figure out to back it up after that point.

  1. Open DVD Ripper and direct it to the hard drive and file you want to back it up to. Then click “copy DVD” The software does it’s thing and you have the entire DVD written to the hard drive. I used this method with the first movie.

It took a few minutes to figure out which file my DVD player needed to open, but once I got that figured out, the movie played just as the DVD would, complete with the menus you normally have to choose from such as: scene selection or launguage.

  1. Simply highlight the DVD drive and right click copy, then paste it to the file you want the movie saved to. I tried both ways with the second movie, Bangkok Dangerous.

The movie copied perfectly, plays well and has all the features the orginal DVD had save for the 60 second loop that has the menus to: select scene or language. The loop is there, just nothing in writing to click on. When you open the file with the actual movie, it plays in French.

The featurettes such as behind the scenes or even the previews of other movies all play in English. The lack of the menu to select the language somehow makes the movie play back in French.

Doing the exact same thing with Bangkok Dangerous and Casino Royal yields two different outcomes. I’d bet what I need is there to make Bangkok Dangerious play in English, but I can’t figure it out.

Ok…wow, yea. There is a lot wrong with what you’re doing. :slight_smile: Let’s see if we can straighten this mess out for you. :wink:

-Insert your BD into the drive
-Let AnyDVD HD scan it and do its thing
-Right click AnyDVD’s fox icon and select Rip to Image…
-Select a directory on your hard drive for the ISO image to be written
-Write the ISO…this will take a while
-Install Virtual CloneDrive (Free program, see
-Mount the image in Virtual CloneDrive by right clicking the virtual clonedrive icon, select the virtual drive, and Mount…
-Open your player and select the virtual drive

What you were doing is trying to play the m2ts file directly. BAD BAD BAD 100 times over BAD. I can’t stress this enough yet people continue to do this and wonder why it’s in french, german, japanese, or just plain paris hilton. :smiley: This is because your player can’t handle m2ts files the way you think it can. First off, no HA support. Second, no ability to switch audio. Third, no sub titles. Just how you wanted to watch your movie, right? :smiley: No, you want to use ISO files to preserve the entire disc structure, mount them with Virtual CloneDrive to emulate the original disc, and use that to play in your player. I’m assuming your player is PowerDVD but that’s not guaranteed. I myself use TMT3. If you want to take up less room on your hard drive, I HIGHLY recommend ClownBD (search for it on the Slysoft forum) which is a front end for some great utilities that will help you make a movie only ISO that contains the audio and subtitles that you select. I hope this helps you out!

Thank you for your very informative answer. It is a wonder that either of the two disks were backed up. I am trying to back a disk up as I am writing. I will get the virtual drive software and look into the other software too. I’ll keep you up to date. :bow:

Great. If you run into any problems, just post here and I’ll see what I can do for you. Once you get everything set up the first time, it becomes very easy after that.

Hello! The movie copied over to the hard drive perfectly. I installed the virtual Clone drive and my Power DVD software is playing it now.

I noticed that the file size is smaller than 25 gigabytes. It will fit on a Blue Ray blank. Previous attempts to backup the Blue Ray DVD resulted in files close to 50 gigabytes. Is threduced file size because of incorrectly trying to back up the Blue Ray DVD or is it because it is an ISO file?

I’m not sure why it would be twice the size. It shouldn’t be. However, yea, if the ISO is 25 gigs then it might fit on a blank. Make sure to fully test playing back everything on the ISO first. If it seems like everything’s there and it’s playing well, you should be good to go.