Menu Maker for DVD RW

I was wondering if there’s a good program for creating menus and backgrounds on a DVD RW.
I have a stand-alone DVD Recorder attached to my television which records on to DVD RW or DVD R, but would like to add menus to them before or after closing the disks.
Thanks All !

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Try with DVDStyler

To use it you need first to copy all the disc contents in your computer, because for what I know there is no software that can work directly on the standalone DVD recorder. To load a disc on a computer, however, the disc must be closed.

I agree DVD Styler is great application for menu generation: however there is a commercial application which will allow menu creation directly onto the +VR or -VR of +RW or -RW discs respectively: Ulead DVD Movie Factory. It is obviously slower to do this, but does the trick.

I’m sorry, I should have clarified that I wanted to do the disk menu on my computer. I didn’t mean I wanted something to work WITH the stand-alone recorder. But you answered my question. I appreciate the help.
I have another question: Is there a way to add a ‘Stills Gallery’ to a DVD that you’ve recored a movie or show onto?

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