(Menu Issues...) How does "Complete Disc" & Main Movie" features work?

Hello ladies and gents… i seem to be having issues with dvd fab express when burning a movie and the main issue is when i pop in the burned movie into my dvd player all is fine and dandy but when i get to main menu sometimes there isnt an option to choose such as the little underline icon that will let u know if you are choosing movie or select a seen and so forth, sometimes i even have to click on dvd menu button on my remote just to get the main movie to play, but im noticing ppl are saying they are not having this issue with clicking on main movie rather then complete movie and by this do u mean i can simply just burn the movie without all the extras ?

Do i click on complete movie for all the features and do i click on main movie for just the movie with out all the features…?

p.s. i feel like a noob lol ? :iagree:

I usually do main movie in wide screen ( the longest time listed that starts with a W) and choose the labyage that I want. If you want regular screen use longest time and desired lanuage. When you put in player it starts as if yo pressed play movie. Whole discs usually works, but sometimes they sneak a new protection in the extras to prevent compressing DL to SL as most DVD’s now come on DL even if the are less than 2 hours.


Thank you “bigmac” ! :wink: