Menu is not working after export


I wanted to cut out some extras on Ice Age and then edit the menu so “extras” won’t be an option. But after i export the movie the menu don’t work. When i play the dvd the menu (main menu, subtitle menu, chapter menu etc) plays as a movie.

So what am im doing wrong?

Ps. The menu is a animated menu (not at still picture), and i just tryed to import movie and export without any changes and it’s the same thing with the menu.

Regards Blindy

What version of DvdReMake (Pro) are you using?

What region of DVD is this?

Version 3.5.3 and region is 2, but problem also seems to happen with a region-free dvd.

Please clarify. When the dvd starts, what’s the first thing to show up? Are you saying you cannot select anything in any of the menus - no button highlights?

In DRMP, starting from the original state, convert all menus to still. Delete the audio for the menus (Menus domain, Audio Tracks pane). Export. Zip all the IFOs and this menu vob only, and upload somewhere. I’ll take a look.