Menu highlights



Ok, I have been working on this for about a week now, looking up help guide, FAQ’s, searching here and Google. I am new to this, but I have gotten VERY far without help.
I am using DVDRemakePro 3.5.3, I have multiple other programs at my disposal should they be needed. I use free programs like VirtualDub, VDub MPEG2, MuxMan trial/demo.

Now then, I have been working on getting the movie “Storm of the Century” onto a DL disk, with seemliness playback and everything (mostly) in tact. I got the seemliness playback working, I edited the chapter menus so they properly point to each other and the correct chapters. I got the menu set up to load the disk root menu, not the DVDRemake menu.
The menu I have for the root (Where you select play movie, chapter menu, ect.) had “Play side 1/2” respectively. I extracted the video, and did some blurring to make it say “Play” fairly well (Clipped pictures included), and did what was needed to import it and replace the original root with animation.

With all that done, I am at the last step, getting the root menu highlights to show. I have copied the CLUT and button information from the original menu into the new one, with no luck. They do go where needed, but they don’t show what’s being selected making it (in my opinion) useless. The SubPicture is enabled, although I am now at a loss.


First, your version is waaaaayyyyy out of date (like more than 2 years). Update to 3.6.3.

Second, load the menu VOB into DVDSubEdit and check if your highlights are present (subpics for the VCIDs in question) and colourschemes match (not only does the CLUT need to be correct, but you need to make an appropriate colourscheme).



Ok, I did as you said. Sure enough, their were no subpics. Spent some time getting them in, but they are there now. I used DVDSubEdit to extract it for the menu, and then used MuxMan to get them in.
They still don’t show up in the menu though. Everything was verified, except on the one that I made there are no green boxes around the text, and I was unable to change the color’s. I could select whatever I wanted, but it would not apply.


If all you need is to edit the subpic bitmap, use DvdSubEdit to extract it, modify it in a photo editor, then replace it back in with DvdSubEdit. You can drag the Transparency slider to “opaque” to make sure all the subpics are there. Once you verify it, drag the slider all the way to “clear”.


Well the subs are there. I was messing around a bit, and accidentally clicked on something. The color schemes option that is. For some reason, they were all set on 0, and I don’t know why. I know I saved the project after setting them properly, but none the less.
I loaded the scheme settings I saved from the original disk, and they popped up, as blocks. Lol, I just set the pattern to 0 and only the text was selected.
So, I am still wondering how the color scheme was reset, but at this point I won’t go nuts. It’s possible I clicked cancel instead of OK.

Thanks for the help Blutach.

And Toaddub, the info was a little too late, but useful in verification of the placement/layout of subs. I won’t forget the information.