Menu doesn't work on copy

I am using both updated versions of CloneDVD2 ( and AnyDVD ( I copied the DVD from the tv show Lost - disc 7. The copied dvd starts up to the menu screen, but the menu does not work. I can not pick any of the options on the screen. The original works fine. Any ideas? Discs 1 through 6 worked fine. This disk does not have any episodes on it, it is just special features. Any ideas would be helpful.

does it work if you push menu on your dvd remote?

The menu appears on the screen. There is no “dot” to use to navigate to a menu item.

Yep, unfortunately this happens on some disks, and the only way i have got round this is by removing the menu. Im not sure if anydvd ripper would sort this out, as i havent tried it, but you could give it a go…

Are you using your backup copy on an old stand alone player? Some of the late 1990’s/early 2000’s stand alone players do not handle menus very well. I know specifically the old Toshiba stand alone players were notorious for not showing the menu highlighting. You’ll also notice this if you ever use MenuShrink. (EXCELLENT application, btw).

Try your backup copy in another player and see if the menu nagivation “dot” appears.