Menu doesn't appear when loading

1- I bought a Pioneer DVR 530HS some days ago. I’m using DVD-RW to do some tests and noticied that the menu I created doesn’t appear when the disc is loaded. I have to press menu on the RC to the menu appear for selecting the chapter I wanna see, if not, the video begin to play… Is it normal?
2 - Other think is what means Video & VR Mode? VR mode is very precise when editing, Video Mode isn’t but it play in almost players. I don’t understand why 2 diferent types… which the better?..

I have the same problem and have set an new thread on the topic…

what is this thing with Pioneer DVD recorders and menus… and the lack of responce/information on how to fix the problem… OR is this ‘issue’ not considered a “problem”…

My 520H does the same. It’s my understanding that all the Pioneer recorders
do this. The only way to AUTOMATICALLY play the menu first,
is to re-author the disk on a computer.

I am not sure if this is relevent as I am talking from using TMPGEnc DVD author on my PC, but here goes anyway. There is an option in the menu part that allows you to choose what it does, play automatically or show the menu. Maybe such an option exists in the pioneer options. It’s an idea though I might be totally wrong.

  1. On DVR 540H appera in the same way. You make some dvd recording test of 3-5 minutes, finalize it and select the menu structure.
    After that yo eject and reload the dvd but it start with first video without menu. Only selecting menu do it.

  2. Video mode is less precise for editing but more compatible if you want copy it on dvd and give him to others and also it’s faster than VR. VR mode is more accurate for editing but it’s quite incompatible (Mac didn’t recognize it) and is slower if you want to copy on dvd.
    If you plan to use the film only into dvd recorder selct VR mode. If you want to avoid compatibility problem and you want to copy the film on dvd use standard Video mode.

It’s the same for my DVR-520H on every DVD player… EXCEPT when I give
discs to my friend, who owns a cheap-ass “Coby DVD-224” DVD Player.
The Pioneer DVR created discs go straight to the menu when he loads them.

AND Here it is on sale this week (7-21 to 7-25) for $19.

Cheap as a DVD player ever gets (at least here in San Jose) at Fry’s electronics
and goes straight to the menu with the Pioneer DVR created discs: