Menu disasters



I have been using nero recode2 and having problems with maintaining the menus. I have been using dvd decrypter, then clicking “recode an entire dvd”, importing the dvd files and analyzing…i have been disabling some extras (FBI, but also some lengthy extras), sometimes i select “still picture” as it uses the least space, but i dont much like staring at a purple screen for 12 seconds.

But that isnt my biggest problem…the whole menu system collapses, but not always. Does disabling an extra also disable the menu system? If yes, is there a way around it?

Sorry if this is a “newbie” question, i know there is a newbie forum, but this is also a recode question.



You mean, the menu system collapses when you chose something from the menu in your dvd-player (software or standalone)? The result is that your player shuts down or hangs?
Then I have the same problem… :Z


I use Nero for 2 hour+ movies as it has the best encode out there. The trouble is, it’s way too easy to break something. Often I get a blank screen where a menu or extra was and nothing gets me out of it. The best thing to do is leave anything with English alone and only disable the menus with foreign writting, or remove them altogether.

Test the dvd on the hard disc first by double clicking on the IFO header file.