Menu Customization in Nero Vision (icons for titles, specifically)

I’ve looked through Nero Vision and the associated help file for a while now, and I haven’t found an answer to something I’ve been wondering. I’m using the most current versions of Nero ( and Vision (

Basically, is it possible to add a title to a project in Nero Vision, and to make it so that a selection icon for that title doesn’t appear on the DVD’s menu. Essentially, it’s the same type of idea as the trailers and logos which frequently appear on commercial DVDs… in most cases (except for the trailers, in some circumstances), these pre-menu titles cannot be accessed from the menu.

And if Nero is incapable of this (although I can’t see why it wouldn’t have been put in), what DVD authoring software would be able to do something like this? Eventually I plan on purchasing something like Roxio’s DVDit Pro HD, or the Adobe Production Studio package (both of which, I’m sure, could do what I want), however for the moment I don’t yet have the money.

Windows Movie Maker. I capture with that and edit the movie, add titles and effects and then burn with Nero. Works great for me!