Menu creator dvdplayer for avi files?

For stand alone divx dvd player?.

Was wondering if any software existed for doing this. I don’t wanna convert them to standard mpeg2. They play normally but I want to add detailed menus. Like add chapters, menus to avi/xvid/divx files without having to re encode them to mpeg2.

TMPGenc Author 3 can make menus for divx files without reencoding to mpeg2. I don’t know if it can do the same for xvid or not. There is a free trial available for download if you want to test for yourself.

TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 (DivX Author): DivX Authoring Guide.

This guide shows you how to make a DivX-Ultra certified DivX file with advanced DVD features like menus and multiple audio/subtitles.

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Wow thank you guys very much. Off to find the trial, didnt realize that tmpg does this, I still have their older version doesnt do :(.