Menu buttons not deleting

I am trying to get rid of certain menu buttons, such as ‘extras’. For some reason, the menu buttons are still there when I burn the VIDEO_TS folder on dvd.

In dvdremake I right-clicked on the button, clicked on ‘delete’, and the box surrounding the button goes away, meaning it’s deleted. But it’s still there when playing the dvd! Any ideas? I’ve using version 3.2 if that helps. Thanks.

There should be a second copy of the menu some where on the disk. Make sure that you check all blocks and all button segments in them.

Just a remark: deletion of the button may brake navigation of disks that use button index for navigation. Hide operation is safe.

yes, i’d definitely suggest hiding the buttons instead of fully deleting them. the hidden buttons will be skipped over when navigating the menus.

I’ll search for a second copy of the menu on the disk. But isn’t hiding the menu button just makes the button unclickable on the final dvd? The button is still there.

I want to totally delete the menu button so it’s no longer there since I blocked the extras on the dvd. So no point in having a menu button for the extras.

Or does hiding the menu button do what I want? Sorry for being a noob :confused:

When you hide a button, that button will be unclickable or can’t be selected. Button navigation will be automatically re-adjusted.

Are you referring to the menu text in the background? If so, you have to modify the menu background to remove that button text. You can follow this mini-guide.