Menu Authoring?

Hi there, I’ve burned a couple dvds now, and I have managed to get all my tracks in the order I wish, and I’m just starting to get into menu authoring, however I’m finding it very difficult to do with tmpgenc. What I would like to do is this:

Main Menu with two buttons, a play all and track menu button.
Track menu with episode listings that, when clicked lead to a page that have a picture from the episode and a brief synopsis. I can make these “episode pages” with tmpgenc, but I can’t seem to add additional text boxes or images.

Also, I would also like to add a motion menu to my main menu that is the theme song (video/music). I have managed to clip the theme but I can’t seem to do that with tmpgenc either.

Am I able to do these things with this program, or should I be looking at something else? Thanks in advance!

DVDLab will do all the things you are wanting. It is fairly easy to use, but a very powerful DVD authoring application.
I haven’t used TDA in awhile, but several months ago the menus were very restrictive as to how many you could add and the overall layout. DVDLab will allow the menus to be exactly how you want them…