Menu and Multiple vcds on dvd

Just wondering if its possible to put multiple vcds on one dvd and have a menu to come up to select what one to play? If its possible can someone get back to me on how to do it and the best possible software to use if it can be done.


DVDLab. It will pop warnings about non-dvd standard stuff, but it will accept (S)VCD and burn to dvdr. You can make any type of menu you like, even chapters in each movie. There’s a free 30 day demo at and if you need some help, I can post links to a couple of really good tutorials.
TMPGEnc DVD Author will supposedly do it as well, but I think it chokes on non-compliant video…

DVDLab is defenitely the way to go. The audio needs to be converted to 48khz, DVDLab will do this for you. They have a great tutorila on their own homepage for SVCD & VCD, so check that out