Memtest86 on dvd?

Is there a way to create a bootable memtest86 DVD? I have a laptop that boots DVD but not CD, and the only ISO I can find is for CD. Can a memtest86 ISO for DVD be made, and how can it be done if it can?

You can burn the ISO you already have to a DVD and use that.

No I can’t burn this ISO to DVD. I tried Nero which prompts me to insert CDR/RW, and ImgBurn which
says incompatible media unless there’s a CDR/RW in the drive.

You can burn the Ultimate Boot Disc to a DVD. It has Memtest 86+ as one of the tools.

What’s the model of your optical drive and motherboard?

After trying to burn ISO of memtest86 v5.` and v7.3 to DVD, they both failed. In another forum I read that a user burned ISO of memtest86 v4.3.7 to DVD successfully. I tried v4.3.7 ISO which burned to DVD successfully for me too. Very strange 2 ISOs would not burn to DVD while the third one did.