Mempile reveals a 5TB disc targeted at consumers

I just posted the article Mempile reveals a 5TB disc targeted at consumers.

With Blu-ray and HD DVD already on the market, as expected, companies are now trying to develop the next generation formats to these. One of these, Mempile, a company based in Israel has developed…

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That would be great news and the end of video compression as we know it - No more lossy compression - With this capacity you could store uncompressed high definition video and multi channel uncompressed audio streams. Of course the high price for the media (at $400 per disc) is quite expensive, and I can only imagine how long it will take to scan the disc through KPROBE or CDSPEED :B :B :B

Mempile…quite the name. $400 a disc holy !@#$. I’d hate to scratch one or burn a coaster. :d

Let’s hope they don’t go a courtin’ Hollywood and truly provide an optical format for the consumer! :d

5TB disc does not mean uncompressed video will be possible. Getting the disc to provide the high transfer rates that would be required without sounding like a jet engine would be a task in itself.

I dont know what the obsession with uncompressed stuff is. Ofcourse its your own preference but I for one was thinking how many movies(1.36GB files) I could fit on this Disc. So that its read only and dont have to swap Discs more often. For example watch entire collection of SI FI in one seating. May not be possible to watch but the possibilities. Hmm that sounds good. I brought a TV recently which is Toshiba 36" CRT. No I did not go for HD. Why? Well because on LCD and Plasma I can see Ghosting when the camera pans, Oh does matter which brand and how good the quality it. I walked into the biggest store and stood almost infrom of each TV and checked. My wife says she does not notice it, but I did not buy the TV for her now did I. :S . Also the other issue about Pixel death and warrenty issues I dont like. My TV has been covered for Six years. If it even looks at me wrong its going back. Anyway my two cents

^ Hah warranty is a load of **** mate. They won’t even have that model TV out next year and no repair parts for it! If something dies you might get your money back but no TV. Anyways, 5TB sounds stupid. 100 or 200GB would be very useful if it was cheap. 200 layers sounds like massive problems to me. I bet these guys won’t produce anything that works properly in the near future if at all.

@ cd pirate I agree - 200 layers sounds ridiculous and I doubt they’ll be able to come up with something that’s practical to mass produce.

5 TB? Heh heh. That’s a lot of pr0n.

DVD-RW’s were ~$130+ when they first came out I remember. If they can do these discs within ~6 years with initial capacity at 600GB+ I think they’ll catch on. One thing though: Layering doesn’t tend to take off unless its standard. DL DVD discs are still disproportionately more expensive than SL discs, and not many people buy them.