Memory upgrade

My computer, a Dell 4550, is maxed-out at 1 meg ram on the motherboard.
I remember that at one time, the memory could be upgraded with the use of a memory card. Is that possible with my computer? It has PCI slots.

1GB of ram for that old PC is pretty good. I wouldn’t spend more money on ram, a hard drive upgrade would boost performance the most.

Here is a drive that would work HITACHI Deskstar P7K500 0A35389 160GB 7200 RPM IDE

You would need to attach the drive as a slave, initialize it in your OS, then use a cloning program to transfer all your old data to the new drive, one of the reviewers said that Seagates “Seatools” worked for them. But there should be a tool from hitachi as well that would also be free.

Of course you could also just do a fresh install on the new drive and attach the old drive as a slave.