Memory upgrade

I have an old Emachine with 2 128 PC133 memory sticks in it and I also have an old Compact with 1 128 PC100 memory stick and 1 256 PC100 memory stick. Can I mix/match the PC133 and PC100 or replace the Emachine PC133 with the PC100 to get more RAM memory?

Yes as PC133 memory is backward compatible to PC100. Though if you add the PC100 to the PC133 it will run at the speed of the PC100 memory.

Would my kids notice a difference in the spead on their games and which is better, 100mhz vs 133mhz or upgrading 256M to 384M? Thanks, Bruce

133 is the faster. As to whether this will affect the speed in games I can’t comment, I only play older games on a PC with 512Mb of DDR333 memory. Though given the games you can most probably play on such a machine I doubt they will. Go for 384Mb.

The increase in mem. is worth the trade off for the speed,Try it ,best way to tell,add as much as your slots alow.