Memory upgrade



Hi, I have 1 gig ram and all 4 of my slots are filled , I was thinking about getting 2 sticks of 512 so i would have 2 slots filled with 256 and 2 filled with 512 can i do this.


Best to find the manual for ur motherboard to see what amount of maximum ram it can take. If I were you I would just stick a 1 gig in there instead of 2 512mb/s, that way you can add a second 1 gig ram later on.


You can surely do that if your mobo/bios supports them.


4 sticks is slower than 2. Also, if you’re running dual channel, there’s that to consider - you don’t want different type/speed chips running together. I’ll also wager that your 4 sticks are running at 2T timings instead of 1T.

The best option, cost not being a factor, is to go to 2 sticks of 1024.


The slower ram modules always will dictate the lower speed over the other ones… :frowning: