Memory upgrade in a notebook

I have an HP notebook with 256 mb of memory and would like to put in another stick of 1gb. I been told that memory should be replaced with the same size or it will slow the notebook down.

go HERE and scan your system and it will inform you of what memory your M/B can take, but i’m not sure about installing it into a loptop, as i don’t own one.

also depends on what OS you have.

I do :bigsmile: Look underneath your laptop, you should see two sections, Open up both and see which one has the ram card in. Its dead easy to upgrade, The ram cards you get come with a little instruction paper showing you how to do it anyway. I got 2 512mb ram cards from kingston, and that was about £130. :slight_smile: Or you could go to Do a search for what ram you need by enter the model number etc. Check the maximum amount of ram you need, and what type you need, whether its 266mhz ram or 333mhz, then just choose. It might say something like, ‘your laptop can take 333mhz ram but will only run at 266’, which is fine, just get whichever is cheapest i;d say, thats what i did.

As for how to pair your ram cards up, this is what my pairing this looks like at kingston:

So basicly yeah, you need another 256 ram card, OR you must get two 512 mb cards, or one 1gig card, which means you have a slot for a second 1gig card later on if you need to upgrade again. Basicly, you cant get 1 gig ram by keeping the 256 ram card you have. Either get a second 256 and stick with 512 ram, get two 512’s or one 1gig. hope that helps.

I can go up to 2gb and according to the second post It would not be much of a problem. I could put the 1gb in the first slot and the 256 in the second slot. My question is will it slow the computer down with two sticks of different size. the ram I need is pc2 5300

It won’t exactly slow things down, but it would not be encouraged. Generally speaking you want the same type of RAM in both slots. Depending on the chipset of your laptop, if ‘dual channel’ mode can be utilized, using two identical memory modules will give you a slight performance increase.