Memory stick won't work

Hi I am new to this but really need to ask a quick question. I bought a portable dvd player last week and everything is working fine except it won.t read any usb sticks bar one ( sandisk 4gb ) but it wont read a sandisk 16gb a kingston 8gb and several other 4gb and 8gb sticks. The model is a sigmatek pdx 3900-tv. The user manual has no information on the usb port. All the memory sticks had divx movies loaded…please help…it’s wreckin my head.:a

Perhaps the DVD player only supports FAT16 filesystem, not FAT32, and the SanDisk 4 GB is formatted with FAT16 (and 64 cluster size) while the other non-working sticks are formatted with FAT32 ?

Or maybe the stick that works is formatted with FAT32 and the sticks that don’t work are formatted with NTFS?

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thanks m8 but as before I not to much into this stuff. How would I tell whether it is fat 32 or 16 and also can I just format a stick in windows to cure the problem. I am only finding my way with mac at the moment and I use windows at work. Is there a way of checking the fat in windows.

thanks again I feel a lot closer to solving the problem now…

In Windows you can right-click on the drive icon in Windows Explorer and open Properties. There you should be able to see the kind of filesystem used (FAT, FAT32 or NTFS).

It might be something completely different that has nothing to do with the filesystem. Have you tried copying exactly the same files and folders to the drives that are not working in your DVD player?

I havent copied the exact files but I have tried the same divx movies.Also if I just copy jpegs or mp4s the stick wont work. As before the only one that will work is the 4gb sandisk and thanks again I will check out what fat type was used in the next day or so and I will keep you posted.


i would to also buy Sigmatek pdx-3900. I cannot find if it is capable to play back MP3 files. Can you confirm this?

thank you