Memory stick for all 1GB 667 MHz


I am getting a new computer and need to remove all the data like documents and photos to a memory card. How do I do this? What do I need?


First of all, I personally wouldn’t risk all my data on a single medium (memory card, USB flash drive, optical disc, harddrive, tape, …).

In this case, if something were to happen to your memory card or USB flash drive, all your data may be lost.

Therefore I suggest having two copies on different media.

If you are keeping your old computer, or at least the harddrive from your old computer, until you are sure you have successfully copied everything to your new computer, then you can consider this your second copy.

All modern computers have USB ports and support USB flash drives.
Many modern computers including most laptops support some form of removable memory card, typically SD and perhaps SDHC.

I would suggest using an USB flash drive for at least one copy of your data. The other copy could be on another type of USB flash drive, or a memory card or DVD if your system supports writing to such media.

Then you need to identify where all the data you want to keep is located; most of it will probably be under “My Documents” if you have Windows XP, but some programs like e.g. email programs (Outlook, Outlook Express, …) may use a different location for your data.

If you can locate all relevant data by yourself, you can simply use Windows Explorer to copy the folders and files to your USB flash drive, memory card, or external harddrive.

For burning a DVD you could use something like ImgBurn in Build Mode.

If you need help in locating your data, there are some programs that will help you do that, e.g. Windows Easy Transfer (meant for transferring your data to Windows Vista).