Memory purchase from



how is how is memory purchased from it? anyone ??
i have a dell. what is dual channel memory?
why do i need it in pairs?
never buy a dell. lesson learned.


dual channel memory requires pairs of memory modules in order to function as dual channel regardless of whether it is on a dell or on uncle willies self built PC. does not have as good of a rating with as does I would suggest buying from newegg.


Make sure you get the right kind by using this guide >


weird its all weird. i went to frys and best buy. they have no clue.
fry guy told me dual means 2 - install the same in pairs. but it cannot be - buy one memory and then buy another separately. it has to come in one packet.
best buy expert- says dual channel does not mean buy two in one pair. it means dual cHANNEL should be written on memory specifications and even i buy 2 in one packet does not make them dual…
dell - says no - buy 2 memory chips and that makes them dual.
wow. does anyone knows what the hell they do really know. HOW DO THESE SO CALLED EXPERTS GIVE ADVICE.


lol that surprisingly the Best Buy “expert” is correct. for 100% compatibility (because they pretest the sticks in dual channel motherboards before packaging them), go with Dual Channel spec’d RAM. 2 of the same brand/model sticks are not GUARANTEED to work though they MAY.

edit: here’s an example:

these particular sticks aren’t the fastest in the world by any means, but they are 100% guaranteed to work in dual channel mode. also, OCZ has BY FAR the best customer service/support in the PC industry.