Memory problems

ok my question is that i have asus p4p8x and i want to upgrade the memory on that one. So i bought 256 3200 400mhz azen memory previously i had 256 3200 400mhz samsung memory. So when i installed the both memories together computer doesn’t boot. i put each one at a time computer boots but if i put together it doesn’t boot. so took both memories and put into a another computer together with amd cpu it works but not on my computer. Which means memory isn’t bad cause it works if i put one at a time. I don’t know about the dual and single memory cause if boots together on the other computer with different motherboard then it should work. Maybe this might be the cause but i have no knowledge about it. Another thing i did is put into 1 and 3 and 2 and 4 slots to check out but no luck so i returned the memory and bought another brand which is GB micro and same thing happens. I updated the bios but not sure whether it is right one. I don’t what is wrong so please help if there is like compatiability bios i need to download please direct me that link thanks

i think it has something to do with the dual channel capabilities of your motherboard. Basically, dual channel ram is like a RAID array. In a RAID array, you have to have two hard drives (or more, but we’ll stick to two), both of equal size and speed etc, if there not of equal size then you’ll just end up losing some space (so say you had a 40gb hard drive and a 60gb in a RAID array, you would lose 20gb). So RAID-0 (or stripping), you store half of each file on each drive, so splitting the work load. Same applies for dual channel ram, they share the load, and so make your system faster.

The reason they work on the AMD syatem is that it won’t support dual channel ram and so you can stick in different types etc without any difficulty.

I’ve never worked with a dual channel machine before but i’d think there would be an option in the bios (press delete when you start the machine) to turn it off. Failing that, look at the manual, because i’m 99% sure its something to do with it being dual channel. Post back the results.

when i turn on the computer with one memory only it says single channel but i will look in the bios see if i can find it thanks

My 'puter has to have same brand, same speed and lot number.

thanks for your information. But why would it doesn’t work on this motherboard whereas it will work on amd. If this is a case i asus should have bios which i tried searching couldn’t find it to make it compatiable also when i put one only it does works another think i did is i took the battery out reset the bios though this might help still no luck if there is something on bios i can reset meaning single channel or double where it would be i tried in all main advanced, boot others. thanks for your replies

Check your mother board’s user guide. If lost go to Ausus’s web site and download. One of my computers uses an Asus P4P800. Using dual channel memory the guide instructed to install in slots Dimm A1 & Dimm B1. These were the blue sockets on my motherboard. In the past I would have installed both memories in sockets that were side by side. Not in the case with this motherboard.

Check the user guide for Recommended Memory Configurations and Settings.

thanks for your response, I tried all the sockets every combination i can think of 4-5 different ways but the problem is that when i turn on nothing comes on the screen if i install both memoris i can hear fan running other than that black screen but when i put one memory only it works fine. is there any setting on bios i can change thanks


How many slots do you have for your memory 2 or 4 ? If it is 4 - try putting one in slot “0” and one in slot “2” if the array is like this “0” “1” “2” “3”- In other words put one in the first slot - skip a slot and put the other in the next slot-



That motherboard should have 4. Using the first and the third slots (the blue slots) or the second and forth (black slots) will run dual channel. That board also suports using all four slots to run dual channel. Unfortunatlly, diffrent brands of memory are not likley to work in dual channel mode. In fact you can have the same brand and speed and if they have diffrent latency timeings they still probably won’t work. Thats why they sell kits with matched pairs (from the same lot). I have heard of plenty of people having bought memory of the same specifications at diffrent times and it sometimes workes though. You have to consieder the memory latency and timings in addition to its rated speed and size.
Normally you can put two diffrent memory modules in the first and second or third and forth slots (one in a blue slot, one in a black) and it runs single channel for both (the memory modules do not have to be the same). On Asus’s site, it does not list this as a recomended memory configuration though. As this was an early design for dual channel (intels first dual channel chipset in fact), perhaps asus did not allow for dual single channel operation (which would explain why the only recomended single channel memory configurations listed are one memory module in any one of the four slots). The intel 865 chipset does allow for double-single channel operation (it has a dual memory controler). I would contact asus support and find out if your motherboard supports controling two memory modules in single channel operation (it would be stupid id they didn’t since the controler allows it but I have seen good companies do stupider things).

OK guys well i figured out and i really appreciate your inputs and thoughts. This is what i did i bought 2 more 256 rams and one 512 so just to check it out. While i was putting each ram i was going through each one casue all look same, box, upc code and everything was same. As i am going through i will boot when i put single 256 but not two and it will boot wil 512 as well. Suddenly i was looking at the rams two rams doesn’t have space in middle meaning 4 chips one side and 4 on the other side. whereas other ram which is 256 exactly same does have the space in the middle The space was same as the chip so whenever i put the other two rams with no space it does work but when i put no space and space it doesn’t work . I don’t what this differece makes cause i checked with staples and future shop returning them saying it doesn’t work but they keep telling me it is same. I couldn’t find any difference other then space everything else is same but these rams worked not matter space or no space on the other computer that has amd cpu. Might be the motherboard is too picky. But if you know what that space make any difference please let me know and thanks for your support and valuable information> Everyday you learn something different thanks again