Memory Prices - Where to Now?

Just received and installed 4 1GB DDR 3200 DIMM’s for a total cost of $360 and I was thinking that based on the price movements in the memory market for the last month that memory may be bottoming out. After checking DRAMeXchange spot prices, it looks like it will continue to fall. DDR2 continues to drop and with a 35% premium over DDR it has a way to go. At present DDR is selling slightly above ($0.25) production costs. How many of you are buying memory at todays prices or are holding out for continued price drops. I never thought I would have 4 GB installed in my personal computer, but now I have two machines with that much memory. I can’t help but think back to my 386 and paying $100 for a 4 MB SIMM.

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No thank you. I have enough quality RAM for both systems.

I don’t plan on upgrading anything on my comp (unless it’s necessary) until longhorn is out, Blu Ray/HD DVD become mainstream, next gen dual core/RAM(either XDR or DDR3), and when 64bit actually has some benefit besides allowing more than 4GB RAM.

I’m not sure if my graphics card can hold for up to 1-2 more years though.

I bought some OCZ pc3200 512mb for $129.00 ON SALE 4 months ago. Now it is selling for $85.00 a stick.

haven’t been keeping up on hardware pricing too much and didn’t know RAM was that cheap these days. i’ve got a gig each in my 2 machines and don’t feel the need for any more right now. if i were rendering 3d models in Maya or 3ds, maybe…but not for what i’m doing these days.

I do a lot of 3D design/modeling, process control simulations and stress analysis, in addition to some Photoshop work, and the additional memory has proven beneficial. My monthly upgrade budget runs around $500 and I never have any problem spending it.

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given those duties, by all means, the more the merrier. Photoshop is the app that requires the most RAM for me. you must be an engineer pipemanid.

Guilty as charged.

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I dunno, I’ve got all the ram I want. I’ve got a gig of ram running 2-2-2-5 @ my mobo’s fastest possible bus speed. I don’t think I need to buy ram right now. However, if my POS processor craps out, and it looks like it might, I’ll be building a dual core AMD rig. Of course I’ll have to get some awesome ram for that bastard. So it really depends on how long this processor lasts! :stuck_out_tongue:

mechanical engineering consultant for manufacturing plants?

come on over to the darkside Deer_Slayer… :wink:

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I have enough just now in my main computer 2 512 sticks of PC3200 DDR
also in other computer in kids room 4 128 sticks of PC800 RD RAMBUS (yes rambus )