Memory / Motherboard / Processor



Hi All,

I have reformatted my computer, I have looked at the device manager and all my hardware, drivers…etc seem to be there.
I have also run a antivirus scan and a windows defender scan.
Everything seems to have good results.

The problem is the computer keeps frezing or not responding (applications, internet). It just seems slower. Is it a memory issue (1GB), Motherboard…?

I also have a Sony dvd/rw drive and when I insert a disk, it prompts me to insert blank media, when trying to burn dvd’s.

Thank you all for any input!


We are going to need a whole lot more information. For starters, were there problems before you reformatted? Try to be specific about what if any changes you made just prior to your slowdown problems. You problem with your dvd burner is likely due to media. What brand of DVD’s are you using?
You can test to see if your memory is ok, by running memtest.


Yes there were the same problems before I reformatted. Thats why I formatted it…hoping to get rid of the problems.
I have to look into the media I am using as for the dvd’s.
The only software I install is routine stuff like micorosft Office, Printer, camera software…etc

The error I was getting as for the copying, was the drive is not accessible. I have seen another thread out there, it basically told me to check the ‘allow to record’ in the property’s box.

My next question is, I have a cd/rw and dvd/rw. I can only record with one by setting this check mark. If I double click on the other drive even to use it to play a cd I get the error. Could this be a master/slave issue?