Motherboard:ASUS M3A32-MVP DELUXE
CPU: AMD 6400 DUO Black Edition
Memory: Corsair Dominator 4Gb (2x2Gb) DDR2 1066 (PC28500)
PSU: Apevia Warlock Power Atx 750W
Video Card: HIS Radeon 4850 512Mb GDDR3
HD:O.S. WD VelociRaptor 150Gb 10000 RPM
HD:STORAGE,WD Caviar SE16 640Gb 7200RPM
Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition SP3
TV Tunner Card: Hauppauge WINTVHVR1600 Dual Tunner 1183 PCI Interface
Sound Card:Creative S.B. X-FI Titanium Fatallty Champion Series PCI Express

Hey everyone,
Im in a bind, so if you can help I would greatley appreciate it! This was my first build and I got everything from New Egg. I installed everything and went to update the bios and it crashed nothing would work. After cheching everything out, the board was dead. Sent it back and there not getting anymore M3A32-MVP boards, so I got a refund.So it’s a toss up between nthese two boards ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe or DFI LP DK 790 FXB-M2RSH. Which on of these boards would be better? Im a newbie at everything I want this setup for gaming and learn to overclock. Im going to throw another HIS 4850 Vid card in it soon. I read in the reviews that the bios in the DFI board is real hard for newbies. Will these boards be able to use on the new AMD processors coming out? If there is a better board please let me know? I only got acouple of hours till New Egg opens and alot of questions so, please help!

I plan on having a duel boot system Wndows XP and Vista Ultimate 32 or 64. What do I go with 32 or 64 for gaming? I want DX10 and to be able to read my ram (what ram u guys/gals recomend) and then there is driver issues with 64. Is everything I have going to work with 64? With duel boot system is the bios/drivers for the memory going to read how much ram I have each time I switch back and forth (32/64). I plan on upgrading to Quad core or the new Amd processor(if it will work on these boards) in the future!

Im worried I have junk memory, from what I was reading in the crucial memory forum! I was looking for good gaming and overclocking memory. All the reviews at New Egg said it was great memory, thats what you guys/gals is awesome for! I learn now you can’t believe all that propaganda! What kind of memory should I go with DDR2 800 or 1600 (PC2 8500)or (PC2 6400). Do I go with heat spreder fins or large heat spreaders etc. What latency do you recomend? What timmings do I go with for what im looking at? I don’t want to make another mistake! There showing in the 800 series that the OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4Gb(2x2Gb) PC2(6400) Cas Latency: 4 Tmming 4-4-4-15 Volts2.1V is Number one. In the 1600 series OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4Gb(2x2Gb) PC2(8500) Cas Latency: 5 Timing 5-5-5-18 Voltage 2.1V is number one. In the crucial memory forum here, you would want Micron chips on your memory. Is that the best chips being put on memory to date? If not who is putting the best chips on their memory and what is it? From what I understand A-DATA is the best. Then people say Corsair or Mushkin. Who’s putting the best stuff on their memory? From what im trying to build what would you guys put on your board? Where would I get it and if possible the part number. I know im asking alot but im stuck and time is runnig out. What’s the best quality,performance,stability,true to what it says about it, and easiest to work with? Wold you go with 1066 or 800? My brain is about to explode, so stressed on what to get and don’t wan’t to make another mistake!

Caution! What Im Extremely Worried About!!!1!
On the above system I installed everything already, so everthing is installed in my hard drive! I have to get a different motherboard, so nothing going to read right what do I do? Should I be telling New Egg everthing has to go back? My operating system is not going to work, so im stuck! I heard someone having to wipe their hard drive once over a conversation, is what im going to have to do? If so, how? If you do that and put a new operating system or ( the original somehow) Alll the drivers for everything else will no longer be in there ( Video card,sound card,optical drive,tv tunner card, etc. etc, etc.) What do I do, demand New Egg to take everything back!!!

Please Help Time Is Running Out
Thankyou I Know It’s Alot

Are you saying that you have the OS and Drivers on the Hard drive from the other PC…IF SO—it will NOT work in your New PC… Drivers are different for each Motherboard…
You will have to Re-Format the Hard Drive n Re-install the OS…
If Dual Boot then Vista has to go on first, then XP.
Drivers should come with the Motherboard on a CDR.
If you not got the OS’s then you will have to Buy them…Student ones are cheeper.
Hope this has Helped…But I’m sure someone else will pop in soon n give you more info.

Your old MB has a slightly different chipset, so it might be necessary to do a fresh install. To do a fresh install simply boot from the vista disc and choose to format the HDD prior to installing it again.

Even cheap memory will OC pretty well. So if you already have a 4gb kit, keep it. If not, then get G.SKILL PI Black 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800

The only reason to get a 64bit OS is if you need to run more than 3.5-4Gigs of ram. There really aren’t any crazy driver issues anymore running a 64bit OS, so its okay to get it.

I don’t think you should return anything else. Definitly read carefully how to flash a bios. the safest way to flash a bios is still by using the trusty old floppy drive, so get one :smiley: