Memory Jargen

Im still looking into buying more memory for my system (in the past ive just bought new sticks and installed without thinking about it)… but now im reading about latency, and voltage, and all sorts of numbers here and there… im looking to buy 1 stick of 1gb pc2100 memory… ive figured out my other memory in my system is 2.5 cs… and voltage is the same as well… but ive also seen people talking about 2-3-3 or whatever… WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! are those cs values for each memory slot? am i over thinking the whole process, and should i just buy any decent brand memory and get it over with? and if anyone could suggest any sort of memory with a link thatd be helpful too, or suggest where to buy them…thanks for the help!!


Go to and see what they say is correct for your system-

Then go to and see what you can get that has some good reviews and 4 1/2 egg minimum ratings-

Best of both worlds IMO-


what if my board isnt listed on their list? i have an AZZA board… which apparently NOBODY has ever heard of…

Check the web site for the manufacturer of your pc, and you should be able to find information about what memory it should use. The lower the numbers, vs, the would be faster. But, if you can get pc3200 memory (and it will work), you are better off to get pc3200 that is, than to get pc2700 that is