Memory ... faulty?

Hi all.

I recently bought 512MB of PC133 sdram (£29), to add to my current 256.
i put the new chip in @ Dimm1, and i put the old 256 in Dimm2.
when i started up, the 512 chip was not recognised in bios or windows.
i put the 256 in dimm3 and the 512 in dimm 1, and the the memory was recognised, but when i opened and
restarted windows, then windows wouldnt load ?!?

Somw Dos screens came up with a few paragraphs of strange jargan that i hvae never seen before.when i restarted i found my HDD
wasnt being recognised, so i resatred again. then i got a high pitched beebing from my case speaker, and nothing would come up

  • not the dos screens , not bios nothing - just a 100% blank screen.

finally normality was returned to when i put the old memory in dimm1.

it would be obvious that the memory was at fault, but i dont know why it did work for 1 of my boot ups??

My mobo says it only takes 3.3V memory … how can i tell what voltage [or whatever v stands for] my memory is??


perhaps the numbers on the ic’s of the dimm could tell us more… please post a tiny screenshot or the numbers/letters on one of the chips.

also check if your vga card is still secure in it’s agp slot… they tend to pop out on some motherboards.

Try to test your memory with Memtest X86 (!

If you use more than 1 double sided piece of memory, then you must not use crap memory. 29 pounds for 512 MB sounds like crap memory…
This issue becomes more important as you use more dual sided pieces of memory. For 3 double sided, only Infineon, Kingston or the such will work, for 4 double sided pieces, you need a good mainboard as well, not only good RAM, to get PC-133 RAM work at 100 MHz.

The ability of using more than 1 double sided dimms depends on your chipset. Most (all?) Intel chipsets are not abled to use more than one pair of double sided dimms…

theres no problem with my graphics card.

i dont have webspace so i can t post a pic.

here is what it says on each little chip on both sides:


There are 3 stickers -




Whats the deal with the double sided memory. I dont know which make memory i have - my 256MB chip has blue metal on both sides … so u guys would say that i need to get kingston ram if i want to use more than 1 of my Dimm slots?

@Dee-ehn - i cant test the memory as windows wont load with the 512 chip in!

Are the problems i am haveing the kind of problems u expect why using cheap ram in more than 1 slot? i was under the impression that the RAM would either work or not work; not cause strangeish problems…


What is registered/unregistered, unbuffered and doulble sided ram?

OK, here are the specs, assuming that high quality memory is used (note that many mainboards don’t support registered RAM, even if the chipset could do it):

[ul][li]AMD 761: up to 2 double sided unbuffered or 4 doubled sided registered.
[/li][li]VIA KT266A/KT333: up to 3 double sided unbuffered or 4 double sided registered.
[/li][li]Intel i440BX: up to 3 double sided unbuffered or 4 double sided registered. 4 double sided unbuffered works on Asus P3B-F (i hope my memory doesn’t fool me), if you use Infineon PC133-CL2 memory at 100 MHz. I haven’t read anything about 4x kingston, but I think it should work as well.
[/li][li]Intel i845: up to 2 double sided. Registered memory is not supported
[/li][li]AMD-762 MPX: registered memory required
[/li][/ul]@shuebhussain: Yes, your problems can be caused by bad, cheap memory. The more sides of memory you use, the better must your memory be, with 6 sides of unbuffered memory being the maximum supported for any chipset officially. Only iBX440 is known for working with 8 sides of unbuffered memory in some cases.
Users of Abit KG7, Abit KR7A, Gigabyte 7DXR+ or other mainboards which accept registered memory, should use registered memory.

I had a iBX440 till some weeks ago, and combining 2x Infineon and 1x Crap memory failed!

what is good, more expensive memory. the only make i have ever heard of is kingston … how do i know:[list=a]
[li]the make
[/li][li]is it registered
[/li][li]is it buffered
[/li][/list=a]what would your recommendations be for makes if ram from experience?

What is considered to be ‘1 side’ of memory - does 1 chip have ‘‘2 sides’’?

@shuebhussain: you don’t need Windows for memtest, since the program boots from a disc (it is Linux-based btw)!

Alex: according to C’T magazine, it is impossible to use more than 1 double sided module in bords equipped with Intel chipsets… I never tested that btw…

the system I am using now got 768MB on it… all memory sold as “branded” memory… (it was quite cheap)… I expected it to be crap, tested it with memtest and no problems there… btw, I’m running it with CAS delay 2, while the specs say it’s CAS 3

Infineon used to be even better than Kingston, but now, they are about equal, with Kingston being less expensive.

Normally, a piece with chips on both sides is dual-sided (don’t laugh! Even such chips can be made electrically and logically one-sided!). Techincally, the correct expression is “2 rows”, not “2 sides”.

Normal memory is unbuffered. Memory which is not marked as “registered” is unbuffered. If not, then your vendor is an idiot.

At the moment, 1 GB RAMs are only available as “registered”.

If you only have 3 DIMM slots, then you don’t need registered memory. 3 pieces of unbuffered kingston memory will work, unless your mainboard is defective, memory slots dirty or similar.

here a picture of a 1 GB ECC registered memory

You see 9 memory chips per side. On normal memory, there are 4 or 8. The 9th chip indicates that this memory is ECC.
The 3 additional small chips show that it is “registered”

@Dee-ehn: One more reason not to read c’t any longer. Their niveau seems to constantly deteriorate down to PC-Welt and the such :frowning:

Originally posted by alexnoe
@Dee-ehn: One more reason not to read c’t any longer. Their niveau seems to constantly deteriorate down to PC-Welt and the such :frowning:

I must agree on that one for 50%. About a year ago, they did some research and concluded that the magazine was too technical for many readers, so they changed… and it’s quite noticable! I don’t know about the german C’t (I hardly read that one) but the Dutch C’t (many articles from the German edition in there) has certainly lowered the quality. They used to tell exactly how codecs work. Now they tell that they do exists…

But ok… ontopic again… I don’t have any experiences with Kingston memory, but I must agree that Infineon produces very fine memory… it even works in machines like Compaq Presario’s etc etc… nice and stable… and not that expensive.

Other fine brands: Mushkin, Corsair, Apacer, Samsung, Hynix, Geil

thanks guys. every thing is fine know, i have 768 MB ram.

The memory must have been faulty, as the replacement works fine.

Thanks for ur help!