Memory Error


     I am having an issue backing up my DVD's. It doesnt happen on all of them but it does on some. AnyDVD is running in the background and functioning just fine. But when I go to use DVD Shrink or Nero 6.5, about half way through, it states the function failed due to not enough memory. Now I am positive its not a memory issue as I have more then enough. Is there some kind of Sony imagined encryption at work here ? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

When you use AnyDVD and copy/paste the entire dvd, does that work?

Nero may be set to use the ISO/Joliet format. Select ISO 9660 method only.

Also, writting at full speed can cause transfer errors. 4x always works for me, even thogh I have a 16x writter

I dont think its that, the issue seems to take place while I am copying the DVD, About 54% of the way through on the DVD it reads not enough memory, this is not while burning to a new dvd its while copying the original. One in particular is Bambi 2 ( My kids will have it mangled in a week ).

try anydvd’s new beta version

use the brand new ripper function in anydvd and then process these files through shrink.

i’d be very surprised if this doesn’t work because this is precisely the reason it was incorporated into anydvd.

I think that is an effect of either copy guard or errors (like mastering errors) on the disk. I have had it happen to myself and heard of it happening to others with problematic movies like madagascar (which has macrovision ripguard) recentlly. Considering how new bambi 2 is, it certainly sounds like a canadate for new copy protection like macrovision. Try diffrent rippers like dvd decryptor, dvd fab decryptor, and as a last resort, vob blanker. Also try diffrent burning aplications (I have had nero run out of memory but clone dvd 2 burned it fine).
Also, if it is a newer movie like bambi 2, try doing a search for the title either here or on afterdawn and see what issues others are having. I’m guessing that if there are new issues, anydvd will release an update to deal with it.

I will definately try that. Where on the anydvd page can I find version 5.9. I dont see it on there ? Thanks everyone

it’s still a beta version so its not on teh site yet. cdfreaks are special though…look here:

After you download and install AnyDVD V5.9.0.0 form the link provided, not to confuse you, you must right click on the Red Fox to access the feature. If you left click on it it won’t appear in the program choices. Once you right click select “Rip Video-DVD to Harddisk.”

Cool , I am gonna give that a try. Thanks for the link and the advise. By the way, so far it looks like CloneDVD2 is working. I will let you know when its complete.

oh yeah…clonedvd2 will work just fine!

many newer titles give an invalid navigation structure or out of memory errors with shrink and recode.

the updated version of anydvd should work just fine with shrink if you use its ripper if you were set on using shrink :slight_smile:

I recently had a similar issue and just had to make sure ALL other programs are turned off, ie. antivirus, internet security etc. Once everyhting else was off I was able to use Nero again. Nero must use more ram for some reason.

Hmm I wonder if increasing the RAM would help ? I only have 512. What are you running ?

One of my computers has 512MB and one has 1 gig and if I recall right, it has happened with nero on both of them. I have watched the memory usage on the 512MB machine, and normally while copying a movie, half the memory is still free. Something is causing it to progressivly use more and more memory (it is actually using up all the memory and running out).

Hmmm interesting…the things they will do. Anyway, I am happy to report that it worked with Anydvd 5.8XXX and Clonedvd2. These are really some very nice tools. Thanks again everyone