Memory error when using Nero

I was using nero for 10 months and everything was fine my comp crashed and i had to get it fixed they stipped it and i lost everything since then i have not been able to get nero going again i have the disc and i have installed and uninstalled it over 20 times and still can’t get it to work it goes thru the transcoding and then gives me a message like this the instruction at “0x006b6ce4” referenced memory at “0x014b3820” the memory could not be “read” when i save the error message and then look at it at the bottom it says illegal disc does anyone know what is wrong please someone help me :sad:

generic memory reference errors are VERY difficult to treat. most often i have found itz the shitty program itself and NOT your RAM. cause of your trouble could be MANY things. possible NO.1 cause is bad media. try my troubleshooter below too [covers just about everything you might wanna look into]