Memory Error/Copying DVD

First time caller/Newbie. I’ve read all of the pre-requisit threads and didn’t see or maybe missed the solution to the following problem…

Just purchased DVD neXT COPY 3 Ultimate. Wanted to start backing up DVD’s that I’ve collected. I’m using Dell Optiplex 740 running XP; I have two (2) DVD burners (one external, one internal).

I start the basic copy and receive the following error: diskmemory insufficient, choose another path. I’m copying to a Magnavox DVD-R 4.7 Gig disk. I’m getting what I assume is the typical error that prohibits simple copying by expanding the source disk data to be larger than the receiving disk.

Is there an add-on or procedure I need to do make the software actually copy a DVD? I’ve downloaded Machinist 2.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi what is the title? Are you sure that in the settings that double layer isn’t ticked?

The DVD I tried to copy first was my P90X exercise video (I don’t want them to wear out from taking them to work).

I’ve checked settings, the only thing checked is “Remove Region Code”, “Fill Bad Sectors” and “Enable Error Correction”

You might try double layer mode I know it isn’t cheap to get those discs but it may. Might also send a support ticket to It may have DRM on the disc? Does it fully read?