Memory buffer in alcohol

hello, i’m having problem with copying disc on the fly. it took me 1minute just to fill up the memory buffer and after burning for about 10 seconds, the buffer slowly when down to 0.

from that moment onwards, the buffer underun kick in… and the drive is burning at 8x until finish.

never had any problem copying with clonecd and nero under ‘on the fly’ option…

what should i do ?? please dont tell me to make an image file… thank you

Your hardisk may be slow or you need to run a Defrag.

i dont think there is anything got to do with my hdd and i just defrag 2 days ago…

you are burning “on the fly” right. Maybe u have slow cd-rom. Or u have changed max read speed with some soft

check to make sure ur drives have dma enabled.

cd-rom speed - 52x

dma mode 2 for cdrw and mode 5 for hdd

does anyone know the solution for this ??

cd-rom speed - 52x

sounds as if the CDROM cannot read the source CD fast enough, use the same CD and run CDSpeed transfer rate test to see how fast it actually reads. If there is some vopy protection on the source CD, it would be expected to read very slowly.

problem solved.