Memory Available

Hi, I have 12 gig of memory in my system. Using Win7 resources monitor, I noticed that out of the 12 gig, I have a little over 10 gig available and only approximate 2.5 gig free.Does this indicate that I’m running out of memory because my computer becomes very slow after using it for a few hours.Here is a picture of the Win resource monitor

I dont see anything wrong on this picture, windows caches a lot of things in the memory so the next time that you use them again they will load much quicker, also every application that you are using hold a part in the memory so in case that you fill the RAM then your system will slowdown mainly because it will use the hard drive as cache.

Also you can open the task manager once the PC becomes slower, see how much memory you are suing, and also what application is using a lot of memory.

A few other things worth checking:

Check the hard disk activity LED on your PC. If this is steadily lit while the PC is running slow, then there is something making heavy disk usage. For example, if Windows 7 is installed on a hard disk (instead of an SSD), an Antivirus product running a scheduled full-disk scan will significantly affect the performance. This is similar when Windows performs indexing or Windows updates.

If your PC is several years old, try clearing the CPU heatsink with an air duster can. If the CPU is running too hot such as from a heatsink clogged with dust, it will throttle the speed.

Hi, sorry for the late response. Been very busy with work. I think I fixed the problem by not installing Zonealarm firewall. Since that time, I have no issues that was plaguing me with this problem. Next time, I will be more prompt in my reply. Thanks for the help, everyone