Memory and Video questions

Has someone had any experience with A-DATA and V-DATA memory ( 256MB 400MHz ). I know it’s probably crappy, but does it work at it’s stated speeds?

Also I need some help with video card. What is better GF FX 5600XT 128MB or
Radeon 9600 128 MB ( 128 bit memory )?
I’m going to do some googl’ing, but it would be interesting to know your opinion.

I never heard of both those brands of memory. It’s quite likely that there are some wellknown memory chips on the little PCBs, as this happens a lot. This memory could work fine, but don’t expect any miracles. High latencies and low/no overclockability.

Problem is, if this works or not is all a matter of luck. Some mainboards/chipset are more sensible than others, so it’s always hard to tell if it works. I would only risk it if you think this memory is good enough for you cand you test if it works fine on your system. Otherwhise, just leave it be!

About the videocard: for what purposes will it be used?

it all depends for which board it is . asus boards are really pricky on memory

As for the mainboard it will probably be Abit NF7-S. And the video card should handle some gaming.

abit bords re pretty good . af for gaming , i dont know the difference between the two but it should sufice for gaming

Gaming? Take the ATi card. Why? Because it’s faster and has greater image quality. Simple :slight_smile:

Here is a non-official list of compatible memory with Abit NF2 boards… I guess this will be of some help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Strange, A-DATA is made by WINBOND. I’ve heard this before, but my local shop keeps insisting their A-DATA chips are made by A-DATA.

Has anyone of you had any experience with Sapphire 9600XT 128MB? Does it have a silent fan ( I want to keep it silent )?