MemoriesOnTV - Strange problem


I use MOTV 2.2.1 to produce slideshows.
I usually put together JPEGs and short movie clips taken by my digital camera in the same temporal sequence has they have originally been taken, this is very handy in MOTV.

Everything works perfect, except when I add the background audio.

For instance, say you have 3 jpgs + 1 movie + 1 jpg, I can set the audio to fade out/in whebefore/after the movie plays back.
So, at the end of jpg number 3 the background audio fade out, then the movie plays back with its original audio and finally, the background music fade in again when the movie ends and jpg 4 starts.

The issue

At the moment the background audio fade in, the volume is very loud :eek: for a fraction of second and then immediately goes to its set level.
This is very nasty, particularly if you have a slide show with many movies

I use Nero drivers when burning directly witn MOTV, but also tried other softwares to burn but I get the same problem.

Is this a bug in the program? :frowning:

Thank you for your help



Nobody can help? :frowning: