A lot of people have a certain speciality concerning their memory. Sometimes people remember smell better than visual. Eyes better than mouths, tits better than asses, etc.

I myself have a sorta filmographic memory. If i really really like a movie or serie i can practically 100% correctly replay entire scenes in my head or explain them. That usually creeps my friends out :slight_smile:


My memory is so bad I forgot what it’s actually good at. Still it’s great with watching movies, because the umpteenth time I watch a movie I enjoy it as much as the first time. :bigsmile:


this should be a multiple choice poll.
i too have a very very good filmographic memory just like Mr. B.

but i also have this one for music. when i listen to music and i like the song, i will always remember the title, artist, and also the song itself. i know exactly on which passage which ‘instrument’ plays and so on…

what i’m having problems with: remembering names - it always takes long time for me to be able to remember a name of someone…


I never forget a nice pair of boobs :disagree:


@Namoh … It’s not healthy to spend so much time looking in the mirror.

I have a foodographic memory. I can remember when, where, what it smelt, tasted and looked like … and unfortunately also occasionally what colour/flavour/outstanding features it had coming back up :stuck_out_tongue:

grrr … worst dinner yet … entree of garlic snails followed by deep fried rabbit with chips.
I’ll say this about the maltese, they can make food taste almost as bad as the french! ;p


I am the same way, & it sometimes tends to creep out people.

I share your pain…What really sucks is when someone you met recently greets you by name, and you can’t remember theirs. :iagree:


especially when you meet a girl… :wink:


My memory varies… sometimes it’s photographic with remembering people’s license plates; other times I remember their names with no problems; sometimes I remember song lyrics well (without having to hear the song 10 times at least); other times I see entire ‘scenes’ from lectures, notes from the overhead… it’s no set combination–it just kind of ‘works’ or it doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


My memory is bad except when it comes to remembering where I found lost monies over the years. I usually try to pass by that spot hoping to find more money.


My what?


dang hard one since we cant just pick one…
like Smellograpic…just the smell of bread backing takes me to a place where i was a kid and walking into the kitchen where my mom was baking …to this day i still feel like a lil kid when i smell bread baking…

and Pornographic…well i shouldn’t have to elabrate on that point…

Filmographic…i’m a short term memory on movies…so that would be a no…

Faces…yeah i can remember those but the names that go with them on the other hand.i’m not great with…and then trying to place where i know that person from…that drives me nuts

Hair…well theres only one person’s hair i’ll ever remember …Numbers…god i LOVE his hair…

and i could add here…Cologne…i can get a whiff of Polo and it brings back memories of my first “puppy” love…he wore polo …no he wasn’t a dog…but he was as cute as a pup…:slight_smile: but most men i’ve been with all use different cologne…and just walking by the fragrance counter in the department store brings up many memories…some great …some not so great…


I sometimes remember things (have flashbacks) where they have the same smells too, but it depends on where I smell it sometimes, too.


I know exactly what you mean.

Are you sure you ain’t Dutch? :confused:


And especially when it is a girl that greets you…

Last month I had that feeling again. A girl was very excited, but I couldn’t do anything else as asking who she was…

I worked 5 years with her and she left just 1 year ago… :o


As long it’s not your girlfriend or wife. :bigsmile:




I knew the answer to your question but now I can’t remember.