Memorex® 25-pack Dual Layer Dvd+r Media =$99.99



$119.99 - $20 Instant Savings thru Apr 30 .
$4 is better then $6 but will we see this price for now on? :confused:
Sorry I just seen this posted in Tomorrows sales (US 4/24/05). :eek:


Still to expensive for me. It’s nice to see a major store advertising it on sale though. Maybe if more stores start putting it on sale and competing a bit over it, it might help drive down prices.


These disks aren’t that great. I’ve used 2 3-packs, and 4 out of 6 disks had issues.

When will Verbatim sell 25 pks of +R DL disks? :iagree:


Yea I wouldn’t shell out that kind of money for memorex (unless they were of a known good media code) but even if it is not the best, maybe it will prompt other stores to start running sales on dual layer. Sometimes all it takes is one or two stores and the rest wll follow suit (like what happened when single layer dvd started dropping in price).


They are almost certain to be RITEKD01 discs which are known to have issues in practically all drives.

Given how cheap single-layer media are, I would only consider trying these double-layer Riteks at around $30 per 25-pack, but not at their current price. If they are still this expensive to manufacture, I can wait a little longer.


The selection of dual layer is still crap too. I’m good waiting till thier are some decent options.


good to see that they have DL in bulk pack, but $4 a piece is still high for the 50% success rate ritek DL media. Sometimes they have the Verbatim DL media on sale for the same price with higher success rate. $4 a piece is too much to make a coaster