I have 2 sets of memorex one I.D. CMC MAG AM3 the other RITEKF1 I’ve already used all the CMC in a set top recorder with no problems. Burned several of the Ritek on computer with no problems. From searching here I gather the RITEKF1 is good the CMC MAG AM3 maybe not so, is this correct?

I consider anything Ritek to be questionable, even more so when its under a brand as bad as Memorex. CMC MAG.AM3 is OK but I think it really depends on the burner. Can you show us any error rate scans of the discs?

Both discs are average to good quality, but there is a lot of variation in quality from both manufacturers.
None of these discs is as good as Verbatim, TDK, Maxell, Taiyo Yuden… :disagree:
EDIT I am referring to Maxell as a manufacturer, not as a brand :wink: