I just bought a new Memorex 16X internal drive thinking it was a rebadged NEC 3520 and it turns out it is a Liteon manufactured March 2005. Read another thread outlining what to look for to get the NEC. Should I return it and look for an older box with a NEC inside or just reflash it to one of the new hacked firmwares? Thank you in advance.


If the drive is a Memorex F16, it is a rebadged Lite-On SOHW-1633S. It can ONLY be cross-flashed up to a 1653S. Personally, I’d return the drive for a NEWER model. Given the fact that it was manufactured in March 2005, I would say it is either a 1673S or the new 1693S (the 1673S CAN be cross-flashed to the 1693S). Try a couple of burns, do a PI/PIF test and then make your decision.


It is the 1673 and can be crossflashed to the 1693.
If you do exchange it, the picture on the Memorex boxes are usually accurate to the drive inside. They do however use the same part numbers so don’t go by that.


I just bought a Memorex, as well, it’s a DVD16+/DL4RWID2, firmware version JWS5, showing a date of 2-18-2005. What the heck is this thing really?


Memorex’s rebadge of the LiteOn 1673S.


Then why can’t I get the firmware to update? I just get a message saying the drive is not the correct drive.


You can download a crossflash patched version of the 1693 firmware from codeguys site or you need to use OmniPatcher and check the box next to “Fix the “dead drive blink” / Enable cross-flashing”