Memorex/Verbatim DVD+R 16x media problems. Bad batch?



I recently ran out of blank DVD+R media and purchased a 50pcs spindle from Best Buy of Memorex DVD+R 16x discs. I tried over half of them with ImgBurn at 4x, 2.4x, then 12x and none of them worked. Kept getting the I/O errors at various places throughout the burn. Figuring that I had a bad batch, I went back to Best Buy and bought a 50pcs Verbatim spindle of 16x DVD+Rs. I’ve tried about ten of those and am getting the same problem. They’re working a little bit better in that some of them write the whole image, but then fail during the verification process.

So my question is do you think I’ve had crappy luck with two bad batches of media? Or did my drive suddenly go on the fritz? I’m using a SONY DRU810A crossflashed to a BenQ DW1640 with BSRB firmware. It’s been working fine before I bought this new media. The media I was using before I was having problems was Memorex 16x Printable DVD+Rs and they were working just fine, which is why I’m led to believe that this new media is crappy.


Memorex as crappy, understandable. Verbatims burning bad? Makes me suspect that you’re burner’s gonna die soon. Gone through tubs of Verbs in the past with a myriad of different brands of burners and have yet to find one that does not agree with MCC media.

If you still have some of that old media, try to burn a disc or two. If it fails, then there’s no reason not to suspect your “aging” Sony burner as the culprit. There may be other factors involved but the burner’s the most suspect. Does it even burn CD/RW well in its current condition?


Can you scan one of those discs on your BenQ using CDSpeed?


It’s possible, though unlikely, that you went through 2 bad series of discs. Not surprising with the Memorex ones, less expected with the Verbies.

Only way to know for sure is to try again something different. If the problem persits, it’s extremely likely that you need a new burner. My current hunch is towards Pioneer.