Memorex UltraSpeed CD-RW media and TEAC CD-W540E?

Hi !

Well, I just bought two Memorex CD-RW Ultra Speed 16X-24X 700MB blanks and my burner (TEAC CD-W540E, 40x 24x 48x, firmware 1.0C) can’t recognize them. I get the “Insert a blank CD” message in any burning software and I can’t use Nero CD Speed or any CD identifier.

I noticed from people on this forum that the Memorex CD-RW media are really bad, but …that bad ? :frowning: Should I return them ?

I use WinXP Pro.

Thanks for your help !


You can get 10 Verbatim Ultraspeed CD-RW media for $10.96 at shipped free. But, they are only 650MB. :frowning:

bad, but …that bad ?

They’re pretty bad. I recall some drives that needed a firmware update to RW at 24x, you could try that. I don’t know if yours is one of those drives or if an update is available.

isn’t the 540 supposed to rewrite at only 12x?


You’re right, it’s only a 12x RW drive, I just looked it up. It won’t recognize 24x media, much less write at 24x.

First, I want to thank you all for your responses.

Second thing, Darth Boy and rdgrimes are MORE than right ! My TEAC unit can ONLY re-write at 12X…:confused: I feel kinda stupid about this…well that’s it: i didn’t know what was the speed… I thought it was 24X… :smiley:

I’m kinda newbie to this, but one more thing: I also thought that CD-R / CD-RW media are backward compatible so you can write at 10X for eg. Am I wrong ?

I’ll go and buy some Verbatim now…and I’ll watch for the speed :slight_smile:

Thanks! :bow:

Only a UltraSpeed (24x) drive can write to Ultraspeed media. Save your money. Backwards compatable means that the Ultraspeed drive can also write to 10x and 4x media.

Thought I would throw my hat into this ring. I have an Optorite ‘Ultra Speed’ 52x24x52x Cd-rewriter and I have also had problems writing to Memorex 16x-24x CD-RW disks, despite flashing the latest firmware for my re-writer.

The disks are recognised but writing to them is very hit and miss. On a number of occasions writing has failed in the middle of a burn.

I recently had to revert to Packard Bell 12x speed CD-RW disks to carry out a hard drive image creation.

I’m beginning to have serious doubts about Memorex quality.

Fair enough if your drive hasn’t got the ultra speed logo I suppose.

I have 3 drives (lite on, sony and lg) bearing the ultra speed logo though and I couldn’t get any to give reliable results (nero verification generally failed). I contacted memorex they tried to repeat the tests but admitted they couldn’t even get the discs to be recognised!

I was reimbursed with DVD+R (CMC) which have given very good results regardless of what other people say about CMC.