Memorex Ultra Speed CD-RW



from Walmart. Alright this type of media is best burned at 16x not 24x!!!
I have a Liteon sohw-832s with firmware CG5J and Omnipatcher 2.4.3 with recommended tweaks and Nero Express bundled . At 16x the drive did not speed up during the burn but at 24x it did speed up about 1/3 way through like it would on a dvd burn strategy (rather strange but ok). When I looked at the 24x burned disc I saw good burn up until where it started at higher speed then it definitely changed. It almost looked like it didn’t burn anything, very faint on burn. Now the first time I burned at 24x I got good results seen here on first screen (I never used this type of disc before, just bought these today). But after erasing with either quick or full I was getting stuff like on second and third screen, all burned at 24x. The fourth screen is at 16x burned.
All these screens are from one disc of series burned 4 times with a 656 Meg size ISO image. The kprobe read speed is at 40x which is the maximum of drive. The reason I chose this is: since all drives read any disc at their max speed, I see no reason to test at lower speed due to that fact. If the disc can’t stand up to a backup/reinstall at drive’s max speed, what good is it? Seriously, how can a newbie tell the drive to slow down on purpose when restoring backups?


Some more info. fifth burn on same exact disc as above. I guess the drive is learning this disc well at 16x. But I can’t use 24x on this series of discs as advertised. Maybe my drive or disc quality or the burn strategy. Strange that there would be a strategy for 24x cds. MID 97m25s31f Infodisc.


Well after about the 12 burn on same disc it is starting to degrade even with a full erase at 16x.
First set of pics: first Kprobe scan is unaltered; second one is with those spikes manually removed in order to show the C2 errors. I also included a nero cd-dvd quality scan.
Second set of pics which are in next post are a burn on new disc of same batch. Much better. The above-mentioned applies to these too.

32x is the max read speed of this media. I’d say that I can’t use this particular disc anymore for a RyanVM update slipstreamed winxp disc.


As promised the new burn scans. See previous post for info.


Sorry I don’t have the time to examine you issue, I just wanted to ask you to post smaller images if you don’t mind. Horizontal scrolling is annoying.

I guess you maximised the windows before saving the graphs, you probably just need to restore the windows to their standard size before saving/posting. :wink:

Good luck:)


The C1/C2 spike definately doesn’t look good, I guess it is broken media or dust. Try scanning on another media.
I prefer Mitsubishi/Verbatim CD-RW anyway, they have much better reputation than Memorex.


This media is easily the worst CDRW ever sold. A quick look at the posted tests in the CD test forum reveals that. Best use for these discs is christmas ornaments.


I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. I have many drives that fail to even write this stuff to completion and most fail to read back what was just written. Trying to erase it fails on most attempts because the drives can’t even recognize the disc after being written.

Not even good for that because the accumulation of C2 errors refracts the light into the spectral colors causing ultraviolet rays to burn out your eyes. :wink:
The best thing to do is leave this media on the store shelf wherever you find it so the original buyer will take the “hit upside the head” for it.


Well it works for a while on a few rewrites. That’s Infodisc for ya.
I would love to get hold of some Verbatim locally but here in Chattanooga, people just don’t care about good quality stuff. They have settled for cheap crap.

I don’t know what’s causing the spikes. I’m guessing a speed change in the burn process.
It happens right near the same spots everytime. I did take my drive apart yesterday to clean the dustbunnies out and lube. Maybe it might make a difference. BTW what can I use for lubing the optical slides? It looks like a special lube and boy is it a dust ‘magnet’.