Memorex True8x drive questions

I’ve read on this forum that Memorex True8x drive is Pioneer 107 with a different front bezel. I was originally thinking of bying “the real thing”, in other words A07. But Memorex is being sold at for only $139, so it definitely looks like a better deal.

But here’s what concernes me. First of all, is it the same exact thing as A07, just a different look?

And the second thing is - can I apply firmware from the Pioneer web site to the Memorex drive? I don’t want to rely on Memorex to publish Pioneer’s firmware updates, besides the firmware on Pioneer’s site is 1.13, and the one on Memorex’s is 1.12.

Thanx in advance for suggestions,

Keep an eye on this site, as they post some tasty 107 deals everyday.

The latest is $103 shipped.