Memorex RICOHJPNR03 any good?

Hey fellow CD freaks,

I stumbled across a 50 spindle of Memorex 16x +R’s the other day. I know most of you call them ‘memowrecks’ but the stamper code is a Ricoh one and I’m wondering if these are any good, or at least worth paying 25c per disc?
I’m also aware that Ritek now manufacture Ricoh products, so is it a Ricoh or Ritek dye being used with Ricoh stampers??

Some people see pretty good results with the RicohJpn dye…give em a shot and see what you think.

The RicohJpn dye does seem to produce better results than some of the other dyes Memorex is often known for.

I agree with LOCO…give 'em a shot and see how they do.

Not sure about the Memorex ones, but I’ve used RICOHJPN R03 under the Maxell brand, and it burns very nicely with my LG and Samsung drives. Scans/TRT check out, and playback is flawless on my Philips standalone player - along with CMC MAG. AM3 under various brands, this MID is one of my favourites for everyday use. :slight_smile:

The ones I’ve used have been Ritek-made, BTW (MIT). If Made in India, they can also be MBIL-made.

I have 8 good RicohJPNR03 100 packs of Memorex stockpiled at the moment… typical burn is ~20,000 PIE and ~300 PIF. I get best results with Panasonic based LG drives at 16x. Not all drives will burn at full 16x.

I just scanned an 18 months old printable Ricoh disc some weeks ago and it looked fine. Actually i was a little surprised that it looked that fine :slight_smile:

“Memowrecks” LOL, I hadn’t heard that one. But I would certainly agree with the term. Certainly, Memorex is a mixed bag - from my experience I have reasons to love Memorex and reasons to hate them too.

If I were you, I would probably buy 1 pack of those discs.

The problem with Memorex/Memowrecks, as you will all know, is that they tend to brand different manufactures of disc - I can only speak for Memowrecks CDs, where I got mostly CMC MAG and some Prodisc. I assume on this basis, that they tend to use “lowest bidder” B-Grade and C-Grade (which CMC definately is) medias.

However, in Memorex’s defense, I will say that I think they do keep some standards, i.e. they seem to insist on high manufacture quality of whatever dyes they do use and as far as I know they don’t use F-Grade crap like Ritek G05 DVD-Rs or (insert totally unstable dye name here) CD-Rs - when going over my CD collection, I found that where there was degradation primarily of CMC MAGs (and they fared very badly), the damaged Memowrecks were at least recoverable whereas CMC MAGs under other brands tended to fall apart and lose their data outright. So Memorex might have something going for them.

In summary: If I saw Memorex media that fit my needs and had a decent MID, I would probably jump at it. I would concur with the above posts - if you’re interested in these particular disks, go ahead and give them a try.

this is not a bashing session, in any way but for my part of North America, my best RicohJPN R03 is by Memorex.

My worst has come Maxell branded in 10 packs, mixed in with RITEK F16. The Ritek discs come out well, but the Ricoh can either be very good or somewhat of a disappointment, sometimes with mixed batch numbers.

The Memorex has been fairly consistent…all spindles of RICOHJPN R03 were stable at a minimum of 12x writing, with all but 1 or 2 batches suitable for 18x in at least 1 drive.

RICOHJPN R03 varies, depending on the label it’s branded under, with many having good experience with Office Depot and Memorex disks, but poor results with Maxell disks. Off-brands like the Gigaware disks at Radio Shack are a total crapshoot; some might be good, and others garbage.

All my Maxell RICOHJPN R03 have been good, so maybe we’re getting the good ones here…LOL :slight_smile:

The distribution channel is different in the UK and in Europe than it is in the US for Maxell - our discs are branded differently, too. I think in the UK you get the gold colored variety, but here we have embossed silver with different disc art. All of the US Maxell branded Ricoh I’ve tried has been junk.

I expect you may see the Made in India RicohJPNR03 soon in your area because the last few packs of “true” Ricoh branded I’ve had from the UK were MII. Based on the packs I’ve had, I would say the MIT Ricoh are a lot better.