Memorex Replaced My Discs

I changed my signature: Memorex sent me replacement discs. I had 25 Memorex DVD+RWs that have given me problems for nearly 3 years - would not prep, would not stop, write fail - I would erase retry I tossed some but did save 25 in the hope I could find a way to use them other than coasters. The first time I asked for replacements No Joy - this time I just filled out a Email form and 2 weeks later 25 new discs came ups. I’m trying one now in my LVW 5005, Then I will try one in my ES25.

Good Job Memorex :bow:

I seem to be on a lucky streak - I had 50 Staples DVD+Rs that were bad and Staples replace them with 10 Sony DVD-RWs - net savings about $50
Wish I had saved more of my bad media - I may have gotten some compansation.

Moving to the Blank Media Forum…:slight_smile:

I’m impressed though, didn’t think Memorex :eek: would do that.

The Memorex Media I had problems with was a mix lot of DVD+RW 2.4x and 4x with IDs of Philips 041, Ricoh w01, Infodisc A01; replacements ID as Infodisc A10 just hope they work so far so good.

My Infodisc CD-RW weren’t really stellar, but maybe your DVD+RW are better!
Scans would be sooo nice! :slight_smile:

I will work on it soon :bigsmile: