Memorex +R Double Layer - Any Good?

I think I already know the answer but my local Staples has a sale on 15/pack Memorex 8.5GB DVD+R DL discs - $10 each. I was tempted to pick up a spindle just to experiment but then remembered that MyCE prefers only Verbatim & Falcon DL media. I need to use DL discs to backup old movies and home videos and I will be burning with my standalone Pioner DVR-650 hdd/dvd recorder. So what do you think, is a $10 gamble worth it?

No, not with a dvd recorder. I don’t know which version of the 650 you have, but a quick Google search shows reviews dating back to 2007. Have you ever updated the firmware in it?

But $10 isn’t much to gamble, and they might work. But they may not burn well even if you do get a “successful” burn, and may deteriorate afterwards. There are always uncertainties when using Memorex DL media.

This is my Pioneer 650

I was unaware of a firmware update - do you know of one? Good point about the deterioration with Memowrecks discs - there’s a reason they are $10!

If there is a firmware update, they are hiding it pretty well. Contacting Pioneer directly might be the only way to find out if one exists.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2598243]If there is a firmware update, they are hiding it pretty well. [/QUOTE]

I had the same thought. Oh well, no biggie as I am quite happy with the 650 as-is. Contacting Pioneer Canada by phone results in virtually no assistance for a U.S. customer. I’m pretty much on my own.

That’s a tricky one however Pioneer used unified firmware for a range of models updating specific elements of it for various machines as and when required.

As far as I can tell version 1.50 was the last one released with an update for the Pioneer DVR-650H and that was back in July 2007.

So you’ll probably have the most recent version anyway. :rolleyes:

Ver 1.50

  • This version is shared by all 2007 1st-half models
  • Added “HDMI control” feature (HDMI-CEC)
  • The update improves that a black screen is recorded if you stop “Copy Files from a Digital Camera” between 2 minutes before starting a timer recording and stopping a timer recording.