Memorex Questions

Please excuse my newbie questions! I just returned a Plextor 716A to Best Buy after experiencing a lot of problems, and noticed that Staples has the Memorex 16x DL burner for $119. I was going to get another Plextor but now I’m tempted just to get the Memorex. I know it’s a Liteon and having spent alot of time focusing on the Plextor and its problems I realize I don’t know much about the Memorex pros and cons. Could anyone provide some general feedback?

Can it burn 8x media at 16x - I have Fuji - Taiyo Yuden discs. (This is something the Plextor was supposed to do so I now have a spindle of them.)

Are any of the specs improved via firmware? Not that it became relevant to me, but the Plextor advertised higher max. burn speeds, for ex., for DL discs (4x) and for DVD-RW (8x).

Also I have the full version of Nero 6 so I wouldn’t need the software - but I’m just curious, how does the Memorex version differ from the “official” version?

I have XP Pro SP2 and will use this as the secondary master, with the DVD drive from my Dell system (also a Liteon, I think) as the secondary slave.


Here’s a 1633S mini-review:

My take on it? If you’re going to burn at 16x, then 1633S (and its rebadges, which would include Memorex) has issues, just like the Plextor. These issues may or may not be resolved with future firmware. If you’re going to burn stuff at 8x, the drive works quite nicely. Since I currently have a couple hundred 4x-rated discs that I overspeed to 8x, the drive works very nicely for me. But if you’re looking for 16x, I’d suggest that you get a BenQ/Philips.

My 1633S is working great burning Verbatim 16X discs at 16X. I’ve burned 12 so far and they have all played flawlessly on my SDI RP82 and my Denon 2200 dvd players.
The only thing I don’t like is the flashing green light when burning instead of a solid red light.

Scans, please. :slight_smile:

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66207 is next state west of me but close…thanx for the explaination

I don’t know what the scans show. All that is important tyo me is that the disc play in a dvd player without any visible errors, which it does. I’ve tried some cheap 8X media, like Ritek, to burn with my 832 8X burner. Those discs I had to burn at 6X to be able to produce a disc that didn’t have any problems playing in my DVD players.

What softeware do I need to do these scans? I can try it to see what they look like.

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Kprobe 2.4.2 is what you want. Do a BLER scan at 4x speed, the forum standard for comparison. After the scan with the disc still in the drive, click the diskette icon and save as a .PNG. To attach, use the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window.You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to get a head start on what the scans mean. PI/PO are now known as PI/PIF.

Here is what my scan looks like. I guess it isn’t very good. All I know is that when I watched the DVD, I didn’t see any glitches with it. It played without any problems.

Reminds me of my attempt to burn MCC003 to 12x. The scans turned out bad, but it still passed the 16x readback torture test.

Well, it doesn’t look pretty, but I guess if it works…