Memorex Printable DVD+R failures

I recently purchased one of those Epson R200 so I can print onto the CD/DVD directly. Now when making “backups” of my DVD’s I purchased the Memorex 4x DVD+R Printables. Yet none of my backups have succeeded. While using Nero, the Lead-in phase can take over 10 minutes before it starts to burn. Then about 70% of the time Nero will lock during the writing phase. If it does complete, the disc is unreadable to both a PC and DVD Player. I also tried using DVD Decrypter to burn the backup, which I forgot to mention I use DVD Shrink to copy to HD, and it has the same issues with creating unreadable discs.

Is this a media only issue? I have tried non-printable Memorex 4X and 8X with no issues. I didn’t think the printable media was any different than the regular media…

This issue occurs on my work PC’s Memorex True8XI also.

memorex is not the best media to be using
i would try a different media
i have had some discs do this before and they were bad especially if they are all in one spindle

What other media that has the printable option would be your best suggestion?