Memorex PRINT CD-R 10 pack box. Aren't they good quality?

well i’m new to all of this but i bought a box of Memorex PRINT CD-R 10 pack box. Aren’t they good quality?

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okay sorry about that :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use Memorex discs, unless I was 100% sure who made them. Thing is with Memorex, you never know who they’ve chosen to make your batch of discs, they use so many different manufacturers. Then they just stick their name on them.


@Drage - the good thing is, that GhostZLM thought to use the “Search” function :cool:

Well i spend most of my time online on forums so i’m used to the whole search thing :slight_smile:

Yeah i read about the thing about Memorex and that you never know what kind of discs are in them. I still don’t understand what the worse blank discs you can get with memorex are though. I know that them TY thingies are high quality and i think some memorex packs have their media, but thy’re never the discs that i need. I was hoping if someone could tell me what kind of discs i might have. It doesn’t say they’re made in Japan so it can’t be TY, it just says [B]Memorex@Products Europe - Imported[/B] I live in England. I was just wondering if anyone had an idea on what kind (s) might be in this pack and whether they’re decent or not. thanks. :slight_smile:

Have you tried opening the pack, putting a disc in your burner, and running CD-DVD Speed?

The Disc Info tab will tell you who made your discs :slight_smile:

That’s the only failsafe way I know to identify your discs (or use DVDIdentifier if you ever get Memorex DVDs).

They use their own cakeboxes so looking at the cakebox may give useless results

Memorex the DVD-R ones are CMC
Memorex the CD-R ones are CMC Magnetics
I also have these phillips ones CD-R and they’re Moser Baer.
Phillips DVD+R…unknown.

Are CMC good?
The phillips ones look like as if they could of been TY from the cakebox and stuff, they also they say it’s made in Japan. Is Moser Baer good anyway?

The CMC DVD-Rs are OK if your burner likes them. Give one a try and see what happens. What speed are they?

The CDRs should be fine (the CMC ones).

Just be gald you ended up with CMC and not Ritek :Z

Moser Baer are fine most of the time, I have some TDK branded Moser Baer CDRs here.

What burner do you have?

I haven’t tried the memorex cd-r ones, but i’ve tried the others (Which i’ve been using for a while) and they’re okay, some of the phillips ones work and some of them don’t. I’ve tried the memorex dvd-r ones, only like 4 of them though, and those ones are fine. I don’t know much about burners and stuff but i use nero to burn my stuff, which uses Matshita or something. I’m not sure what people mean by speed. It says that write speeds are 1x-2x for the DVD-r ones. I hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

I’m just looking at the Memorex cd-r box and it says 52x, what does that actually mean? Is it the speed it’s meant to be burned at? Like when i burn stuff it says burning at 24x or something like that.

I’m confused.

Ah OK, you have a Matshita burner :slight_smile:

Not sure about the 1-2x thing though, I haven’t seen discs rated at that speed for a long time. Could be that that’s all your drive will burn them at. For reference, it should say the “rated speed” on the discs themselves, or on the packaging :slight_smile:

I asked because I’ve had some fun today with 16x rated CMC DVD+Rs, and had to experiment to find the right speed for them to burn well :wink:

The 52x thing means the top speed the CDRs will burn at. A lot of us find our own preferred speeds - I tend to burn data at 32x, and audio at 16x, but everyone is deifferent.

You’re fine burning at 24x, I should think :slight_smile:

oh okay, the 1-2x thing is just what it said on the cd-dvd speed thing about write speed. I get it now. I did throw the plastic wrapper away for my memorex blank dvds but i think all my phillip cds are 16x. I always burn faster then that though.