Anyone here know how to go about updating the memorex true 8x to the pioneer dvr-107d? Mind you i don’t know anything about poineer drives as I don’t currently have any…
Thanks to all who can help :bow:

Get DVRFlash and a GENERAL type firmware and kernel file for the DVR-107D, then flash the drive with both the kernel and normal files to convert it from a Memorex OEM type to a true DVR-107D.

OK thanks, but I have a couple more questions, I have never heard of the kernal files as I use Lite on drives, and will the pioneer f/w support bitsetting? I can’t seem to find alot on these drives… :sad:
Thanks again…

will the pioneer f/w support bitsetting?

Pioneer fw does not support bitsetting, and most likely never will.

Well isn’t that a crock…maybe someone can enable it somehow… :wink:

nope cant happen, see pioneer didnt even add it and turn it off, they said its not part of standard and didnt add it at all.

All these years I held such high regards for Pioneer, but this is just stupid. I’m sure they have their reasons, I just don’t understand them.
Thanks anyway… :slight_smile:

Hey KenW, I see you have a variety of burners, which do you think is the best one?

which do you think is the best one

All of them!

No actually they all have problems but with the 5 I have I can pretty much burn anything well as long as put the right media in right drive.

For speed benQ 1620 and +R at 16x bets them all, for -R quality its 3500 or pioneer a08.

For kprobe and scans its liteon 1633. and for dvd+RW erase and also jitter scanning NU tech 082

I guess you got all bases covered! I read somewhere that the BenQ 1620 does auto booktype, True?

and so does Piodata which resolves to be a Pio 108 :slight_smile: